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We are a laser-focused Rugby-based clinic treating 36+ conditions that impact our clients' appearance and often their self-esteem. We exist to wholeheartedly serve our clients, and help change their lives through award-winning treatment plans.

Hi, hello and welcome, I'm Anna

Throughout my teenage years and into my twenties, I struggled terribly with my skin, and so, rather by default, I became the family skin guru. I was an eager student and avidly plunged myself into all of the new skin and aesthetics innovations, always pursuing that holy grail of things – beautiful, clear skin.

Having spent my early years of employment in high-pressure sales and marketing roles, I decided to finally follow my heart and dipped my toes into the exciting world of aesthetics. I trained initially in hand and nail technologies, then moved on to eyebrows and finally, an opportunity arose for me to train in all things skin.

Today, I get to follow my passion of treating skin and body conditions and get a front-row seat of how my treatments change my clients’ lives.

and people over profit.

quality over quantity, 

we believe in hard work,

our treatments have been seen in:

We work for you and with you, and it's our job to deliver the outstanding, not just the 'good enough

Behind the scenes at Clinic No 2

I often get asked if there is a Clinic № 1 and the answer to that, is no... Not unless my older sister has opened a clinic in secret!

Like most families, we have pet names for each other, for instance, our gorgeous father is called Kipper (or Kipps). Growing up with our mother, two sisters, two dogs and a cat, presented Kipper with a logistical problem, and whenever he called our names, he went through them all until he got to the one he wanted... Ever pragmatic, Kipper re-named us in order of when we were born... my big sister was called № 1, my baby sister was № 3 and I was the middle child, aka № 2.

To this day, keep Kipper still writes "Happy Birthday 2" on my cards and every conversation begins with "how are you doing 2, have you spoken to 1 recently?". So naming the clinic was sort of paying homage to our amazing Kipps.

follow along behind-the-scenes On:


– Jamie R.

"Ever since Anna at Clinic No 2 has looked after me, I now wake up and go to sleep with a smile on my face"

– Rebecca L.

"I will be forever grateful to you for giving me back my self-confidence and positive self-image. Thank you so much again!"

– Sarah C.

"Went to see Clinic No 2 for help with rosacea and for the first time in forever, I have normal-coloured cheeks. I could cry!"


"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

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