Condition: Anatomy of Ageing Skin

Ageing is a perfectly natural process, and as the years pass, cell renewal declines and our collagen and elastin reservoirs deplete; the body is unable to replace these losses as efficiently as it once could, and the structural integrity of our skin can no longer be maintained. This results in laxity around the jawline and eyes and loss of tissue density throughout the face, leaving the skin susceptible to lines and wrinkles, and no longer taut.

In addition to laxity, as we age our skin becomes more textured due to the deceleration of cellar turnover, which gives the face an uneven, dull and sometimes mottled appearance. Other visual signs of ageing on our skin are pigmentation and vascular changes, which can lend a generally dappled aspect to the face.

The Treatments

For those hoping to slow down, and perhaps even reverse, the effects of time on our skin, there is a multi-billion-pound scientific industry dedicated to this very thing... Clinic № 2 has numerous proven modalities that make these dreams a reality:


Collagen Lift




From Severe Ageing To Youthful Skin

In her mid-50s, Rebecca was experiencing the typical structural softening of skin around her jawline and eyes. Over the course of 9 months and our 3JUVE Full Facial Rejuvenation, Rebecca’s skin is now glowing again! Her results were better than she hoped for and her face looks fresh, dewy and even, with her jawline and eye area noticeably improved.

Bye, Bye Pigmented Hands

David had conspicuously pigmented hands and had been anxious about his solar lentigines (also known as 'liver spots') and wanted to mitigate their appearance. Our 3JUVE Dynamic™ Reflex IPL was the perfect solution for him. With just three treatments, David’s hands are now 90% clear from any discolouration.

Pigmentation Removed

Ali spent many years in the Portuguese sunshine, and her face looked older than her true age of 41. We used IPL initially to erase the sun damage and jump-start collagen production, a course of Er:YAG Laser Resurfacing, to evaporate the outer, coarse layers of skin, and reveal her fresh, new, and youthful-looking skin beneath.

We treat these conditions:

Acne / Ageing Skin / Burns / Cellulite / Coarse, Textured Skin / Crow’s Feet / Congestion / Dry Skin / Dyschromia / Eczema / Enlarged Pores/ Fat / Fine Lines / Jowls / Melasma / Milia / Oily Skin / Pigmentation / Psoriasis / Red Veins, Vascular Lesions / Rosacea / Scarring / Sensitive Skin / Skin Laxity / Skin Tags / Smoker’s Lines / Stretch Marks / Verrucae / Vitiligo / Warts

And more!

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